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  • Leadx Removals
    Leadx Removals
    Will consist of all types of household products being
    transport via our modern vans to one chosen destination
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  • Leadx Removals
    Leadx Removals
    Will consist of all types of office products being
    transport via our modern vans to another office
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  • Leadx Removals
    Leadx Removals
    Will consist of rubbish removal from any
    premises to the skip
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If you have been checking countless websites and company directories searching for the best removal company in Newcastle, your search has come to an end. Newcastle Removals is a one stop shop for various categories of removal services. We provide house removals, office removal services, and rubbish removal services. Our services are timely, reliable, and convenient. These services are of high quality and are available to all the residents of Newcastle at affordable prices.

Leadx Removals was set up in 2007 and is one of the currently top companies offering removal services in the entire United Kingdom. Our services are available in Newcastle and other regions in the entire United Kingdom. We are an established and independent company with enough employees and other necessary resources. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will not outsource your project to a third party. We have enough teams or professional removers who understand their duties perfectly and are always ready to help our clients.

At Leadx's Newcastle Removals, we also have enough number of vehicles required to transport various amounts of household and office items. Special trucks for the transportation of collected rubbish and waste are also available. Thus, all the residents of Newcastle can be assured that Newcastle Removals will provide the best services at fair prices.

Here are the main categories of the services we provide.

House Removals

Newcastle House Removers is a trusted provider of house removals in Newcastle. We understand that packing household items isn’t the same as packing other things, a reason we avail professional house removers to complete the task effectively. These professionals know what should be packed first and last and also what should be loaded onto our vans first.

Besides, we use top grade packing and transportation equipment to ensure that every item reaches your new home perfectly. None of your household items will be lost or damaged during the transportation process.

Office Removals

People in search for the best office removals in Newcastle can trust us. We have all the necessary boxes and other packing equipment to perfectly pack all your stationary, computers, and other office equipment. We also have polythene dust covers to ensure that all the office items and equipment transported remains clean and dust free. Whether you want to move your office a few blocks down the street or to another city, you can count on us.

Rubbish Removals

One of our priorities is to make sure that we deliver exceptional rubbish removals in Newcastle. We have adequate large rubbish bins to collect all types of junk from households and offices. Besides, we have enough trucks to transport these rubbish bins and dispose the rubbish effectively.

Note that we use eco friendly rubbish collection and disposal methods. All our employees responsible for completing rubbish removal tasks in Newcastle are highly skilled and have unlimited access to all the resources they need to offer outstanding rubbish removal services.

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About Leadx Removals

In addition to the house removals in Newcastle, we also provide office removals in Newcastle. We can relocate different offices including governmental institutions offices, non-government organisations offices, business offices, and more. Regardless the nature and complexity of an office, Leadx Removals has all the necessary human and physical resources to deliver the best office removal services. We also don't limit our customers in terms of the distance they can move.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.