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Removal Companies in Newcastle

Removal companies in Newcastle seem to offer the same types of removal services and delver the same quality of services. However, nothing could be far from the truth. Keep in mind that each company has a unique way of doing things and removal teams consisting of individuals with varying knowledge and dedication to service delivery. For instance, among all the removal companies in Newcastle, Leadx Removals is widely recognized as a highly dedicated company that provides the highest possible quality services.

Leadx Removals was established a decade ago and has been serving its clients excellently. Since our inception, we have been focusing on being a highly reputable removal service provider. We offer a broad range of services including house removals, rubbish removals, and office removals in Newcastle. Our services are delivered by professionals who are highly trained and are always dedicated to help our clients get the best services.

Note that all removal companies in Newcastle have someone answering to their phones and responding to all questions and concerns from their customers. The quality of client support service varies from one company to another. One thing that customers hate is communicating with a rude and unfriendly client support representative. At Leadx removals, we strongly believe that the first person to pick the phone or respond to an email from a client is always the face of the company. This is the reason we have acquired the best client support teams to provide the best services.

Whether you opt to call our customer care team or send us an email, you will get a timely and effective response from our team. All the individuals working as client support representatives are polite and kind. They are also knowledgeable and understand our services properly. Thus, whenever talking to our customers, these individuals offer accurate and valuable information.

Just like most removal companies in Newcastle, Leadx Removals exercises professionalism in everything we do. For instance, we will serve you using our company vans and employees. We never subcontract any other company regardless of the magnitude of the project we are handling. Besides, our employees have an official uniform and a badge. Thus, you will even notice them from far. The badge always has the employee’s name and thus you can address any of our employees by name.

Price of the removal services on offer also brings a big difference between various removal companies. Some removal companies in Newcastle charge an hourly rate while others charge a fixed rate. Other companies charge depending on the distance while other offer random quotes. At Leadx Removals, we guarantee our customers the best prices. We deliver excellent removal services at pocket-friendly services. Regardless of your relocation or rubbish removal budget, you can always find the right service package. This makes Leadx Removals the top choice when it comes to hiring a removal service provider.

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